Are you a nut/peanut free facility? – yes, weare a completely nut/peanut free facility. We do not make any items containingnuts/peanuts and we do not use any ingredients containing warnings of “maycontain” or “processed in a facility that contains”. We do not use any bulkingredients in our products with a risk of cross contamination. If you have anyother specific allergy related questions, please contact us at


Do you make gluten free items? – While we areNOT a gluten free facility, we do make a number of gluten free items. Theseitems are made on freshly washed, rinsed and sanitized equipment and packagedseparately. We cannot guarantee 100% non-cross contamination due to the natureof our other products. Our chocolate is gluten free.

Do you make egg/dairy free items? – yes we do,again we cannot guarantee 100% non-cross contamination. Please inquire forspecific products.


What is my guarantee on the freshness of yourfruit arrangements and how long does the fruit stay fresh? – All fruitarrangements are made fresh on the morning of delivery. Fruit dipped inchocolate is best enjoyed on the same day. All fruit not eaten immediatelyshould be removed from the skewers and placed into an airtight container in thefridge to preserve freshness. Please keep in mind the nature of fresh produceand its life span, we cannot guarantee the fruit will remain fresh for anylength of time.


DoI remove the skewer from the fruit before eating? – yes!! for safety reasonsthis is very important and each arrangement does have a label requesting thisas well. All fruit must be removed from the skewer before eating.

Cancellation or changes to order

Can I make changes or cancel my order?
– Weallow a 24 hour window for changes or cancellations. Any changes orcancellations within the 24 hour delivery window will be subject to 100%payment.

When should I place my order? – you can placeyour order at least 24 hours before delivery, but you can also place your orderwell in advance, no need to wait to the last minute! And we will thank you forit!!

For all other inquiries or questions please contact us